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Double Deep Racking System,Industrial Racking System
Drive In Racks,Drive Thru Racks,Light duty Racking
Rack Supported Warehouse,heavy duty racking
Cantilever Racks,Industrial storage Racking System
Mezzanine Floor, Industrial storage racking solution
Boltless Shelving Racks,Rivet Racks, Light Duty Racking
Slotted Angle Racks, Heavy Duty Storage system
Compactors Storage,Mobile Storage Racks
Lockers,Industrial Lockers
Metal Box Pallets,Metal Bin Boxes
Flat Metal Pallets
Accessories For Racks And Shelves
DEWAS TECHNO PRODUCTS PVT LTD  is an established organization with customer procuring storage solutions from us. We offer wide range of HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL STORAGE & RACKING SYSTEM   for various  storage and racking solution to private industries, government organization from a diversified industrial sector. Our racking solution catalog  includes pallet racks, drive-in-racks, long span shelving, cantilever racks, warehouse racks, double deep shelving racks. We also manufacture racks for storage system as per the client's custom specification. All the storage and racking solution products manufactured by us are marketed under the reputed brand name of  GIRAFFE  which has been globally accepted by our satisfied list of clients across the globe.

We also under take turnkey projects for storage construction of mezzanines, mezzanine floor cantilever racks and rack supported ware houses. These projects are undertaken as a turnkey projects from inception to implementation. We are backed by an  experienced team of engineers and quality raw material used for construction of mezzanine flooring, cantilever racks and rack supported warehouses which has enabled us to establish the brand name if GIRAFFE in the global market of industrial storage and racking solution.

Our products range also includes compactor / mobile racks, lockers, box pallets / bins /metal pallets and steel pallets. The vision and aim of our organization is to contribute to the modern age of technological advancements by manufacturing useful and and high quality durable storage racks for storage solutions. 

Furthermore, assisted by our dedicated professionals, we offer consultancy, designing, installation and after sales services to our clients. We also undertake regular training of our personnel to render the best and reliable services to our clients.

Featured Products For Racking And Industrial Storage Solution
Adjustable Pallet RacksManufacturer for heavy duty Adjustable Pallet Racks
 heavy duty Drive In Racks Manufacturer India
Drive In Racks Manufacturer and exporter of heavy duty drive in racks for racking solutions
Rack Supprted Warehouses,warehouse racks manufacturer
Rack Support Warehouse Manufacturer of rack supported warehouse for storage solutions
mezzanines floor construction
Mezzanine Floor Design & Construction of mezzanine floor for optimum space ustilization and storage
Boltless Shelving Light duty rivet and boltless racks manufactured by us for various racking solution
Metal Bin manufacturer,Metal Boxes Manufacturer India
Bin Box & Metal Pallets  Manufacturer of metal bin boxes & storage bins for storage
Mobile Storage Racks Manufacturer In India
Compactor Compactors and Mobile racks storage Solution for storage and shelving solution
Heavy Duty Storage lockers
Industrial Storage Lockers Durable Storage Locker Wiht Multiple Compartments in wide range

Palletized Racking & Shelving Storage Solution For Industries
  • AUTOMOBILE  We have supplied palletize racks, Bin Boxes, Metal Bins for industrial Racking and storage solution to various Automobile industries to server their racking and storage solution
  • ENGINEERING Supplier for palletized racks, Bin Boxes for heavy duty storage solution
  • TEXTILE  Drive In racks, Palletized racks, Cantilever Racks, Industrial Lockers and Material handling equipments like Trolleys
  • ELECTRIC & ELECTRONICS  Mezzanine Floor fabrication, Palletized racks, compactors, Metal Pallets and mobile storage solution
  • STEEL  Cantilever racks, Palletized racks, compactors and mobile racks industrial storage and shelving solution
  • GOVERNMENT SECTOR  Government Supplier For Mezzanine Floors, Palletized Racks, Compactor and Mobile racks used in heavy ,medium and Light  duty storage solution
  • PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR supplier of palletize racks, Compactors and Mobile Racking solution, Mezzanines, rivet racks  to various Pharmaceutical industries to server their racking and storage solution
  • CHEMICAL Supplier for rack supported warehouse, drive in racks & Compactors for heavy duty storage solution.
  • SUGAR Adjustable Palletized racks, Two Tier Racking System, Storage Racks  for heavy duty industrial storage and shelving solution
  • RETAIL / CONSUMER GOODS  Adjustable Palletized racking, compactors and mobile storage solution
  • FURNITURE & INTERIOR  Palletized racks, compactors and mobile racking, Racks For storage and shelving solution
  • PAPER & PRINTING  Supplier for Adjustable Palletized Racking Solution, Mezzanine System, Mezzanine Floor Fabrication.
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